Tried and tested: Sainsbury’s Free From Greek Style coconut-based alternative to cheese

For about two years of my thirty-something, I was able to eat Feta without swelling up like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was short lived and feta ended up on the list of things I’m allergic to.

One Sunday in the supermarket a new product caught my eye. Free From Greek Style coconut-based alternative to cheese. Not the snappiest name I’ve ever seen, but it piqued my interest. 

Unlike most Free From foods, I know what the real deal should taste like, and this really isn’t bad at all. The texture is less crumbly than feta, but the taste is almost spot on. It’s got that slight tang and is a beautiful addition to any salad. 

My favourite recipe featuring the FFGSC-BATC (nope, not snappy either) is BBC Good Food’s Cajun Blackened Chicken with super green quinoa. Mr Allergy and I love this meal on a weeknight, and we swap the quinoa for cauli rice to lower the carb content slightly. 

My second favourite recipe is adapted from this Chicken and asparagus caprese salad. As there are no decent dairy free mozzarella alternatives on the market that I’m aware of, I use FFGSC-BATC instead. I don’t like tomatoes so only Mr Allergy has those, and I may or may not be allergic to avocado (the jury’s still out on that one), so I don’t have that either but it’s delicious all the same.


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