The Wine Cellar Bar & Bistro, Chelmsford 

I had a fantastic lunch today at The Wine Cellar in Chelmsford town centre.  

Hidden off the main road, down a little alley near the church, you wouldn’t immediately know it’s there. A slightly tricky climb down the narrow staircase brings you into a gorgeous quaint, cozy cellar.
I ordered a pulled pork panini from the extensive pick and mix sandwich menu, which is brilliant for people with allergies.  The panini was delicious and filled with BBQ sauce, caramelised onions and soft, meaty pulled pork. Mmm. 

I also ordered a portion of onion rings “for the table.” The chef made some special onion rings with lemonade batter as I’m allergic to the usual batter he uses (which has egg in the recipe). 

The waitress was attentive and completely understood my allergies.  If I’m ever back in Chelmsford I would definitely eat here again.  Highly recommended!! 


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