Adventures of Allergy Girl en España: Part 2

Whilst staying with my in-laws in the Catalonian resort of Pineda de Mar for IRONMAN Barcelona (not competing, I’d like to add), we were spoilt for choice on where to fuel up.  Staying at the Aquahotel we were pretty close to the centre of Pineda, the beach front and a 25 minute walk or short train ride from Calella. 

On our first night in the area, Trip Advisor recommended Ca L’Aureli, a tapas restaurant two doors down from the hotel, so we wandered down to find it really busy. 

We carried on a little further past a few bars and shops until reaching the main precinct. Part way along I noticed a name that I recognised from my Trip Advisor research, so we thought we’d give it a go.

The entry to the restaurant is understated, and we were happily surprised to be taken through to the covered courtyard garden at the rear of the restaurant.  It’s simply beautiful. 

Can Josep, named after the owner’s father, is a family restaurant through and through. We were served by the restaurant owner, who proudly pointed out the retro black and white photographs of her parents that have been printed onto the doors to the ladies and gents bathrooms. 

The menu was available in English, and consisted mainly of grilled meats and fish. Black paella is apparently the star dish, but of course this is no good for my fish allergy.

Although the menu doesn’t state the allergens present in each dish, the owner was able to discuss my requirements in detail and I settled on trying the grilled rabbit which was served with grilled aubergines and courgettes.  I had been expecting some potatoes, but these didn’t arrive, which wasn’t a problem as there was plenty of food on my plate.  This was my first time  eating rabbit, and it was delicious, although rather fiddly to eat from the bone. 

Mr Allergy and Allergy Mum-in-Law has the pork loin, whilst Allergy Dad-in-Law went for the cod.  All of the meals were simple but beautifully executed.  The grilled meats fitted well with Mr Allergy’s IRONMAN fuelling strategy, and of course I was well catered for.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant for allergy sufferers and normals alike. 

Photo credit Laura S


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